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Permanently Available Material Ė in just a few seconds
In any gathering of can makers, I can guarantee that itíll only be a few minutes before someone mentions Permanently Available Material.  Itís one of metal packagingís great strengths and is reflected in a British Standard which recognises this and gives the definition even greater status. Weíre now working hard to ensure Permanently Available Material is fully recognised in the European Commissionís circular economy package too.
A Permanently Available Material does exactly what it says on the tin, if youíll excuse the pun.  Once produced, metal never goes away, itís here forever.  In fact, itís estimated that 80% of all the metal ever produced is still with us in some form. 

While the actual process may be complex, our new, short animation seeks to explain it in just a few seconds - take a look ......

William Boyd
Director and Chief Executive
Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association





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