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says Bill Boyd, Director and Chief Executive, MPMA

Whenever I tell people what I do, they invariably cite their favourite tin, or their favourite canned food.
I’ve been in the metal packaging business for some years now and this has always been the case. And it never ceases to please me because how many other packaging materials can truly claim such a permanent place in the nation’s psyche?
Perhaps it’s because cans are a part of our lives from day one and remain in our lives throughout the many different life stages we enjoy – as children, students, young adults, as homeowners, parents, empty nesters and eventually retirees.  Cradle to grave as the marketers say.  But I prefer to think of this relationship with cans more as our latest animation puts it: like old friends.
In pure product terms, cans tick all the boxes - accessible, cost effective, quick and easy to use, a great shelf life meaning less waste, and 100 per cent recyclable. But in ‘old friend’ terms – perhaps trustworthy, familiar, and ‘always there for you’ are more apt words.
We all have our favourite canned foods, and could all probably name a favourite canned drink too, but metal packaging in the home goes way beyond the kitchen. Many health and beauty products come in metal packaging and beautiful tins can be found in bathrooms and bedrooms. These metal packs usually demonstrate great creativity and functionality.
And speciality packs, containing perhaps a bottle of whisky or champagne, are often viewed as works of art in their own right, many being highly collectable, and valuable. They often demonstrate great technical expertise and interestingly, an MPMA survey revealed that over eighty per cent of us are likely to keep a speciality tin for more than a year.  How many other packs can claim such longevity?

Please do take a look at our latest animation and remind yourself the extent to which cans really are just like old friends.

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