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It was good to see cans getting such a good press recently, thanks to our new MPMA research.


And while the coverage did highlight how central cans are to our kitchen lives (on average each household has some 16 cans of food), a key focus was on taste.


So, to bring our research to life, we asked a chef to prepare two identical dishes one made using fresh ingredients, the other using canned food. 


And people certainly struggled to tell the difference. 


In fact in most cases, people preferred the version made with canned food.


The other striking benefit was the convenience of canned food.  Because the food is already cooked in the can, the canned food meals were prepared in a fraction of the time. Our hotpot using canned food took just a few minutes to heat through compared to the fresh version which was in the oven for nearly an hour.


Of course Im preaching to the converted here, but we still need to spread the word, so here are a few more cans facts revealed by the research:


  • on average, adults rely on tinned food for at least three meals a week;

  • 48 per cent of adults view canned food as a store cupboard essential;

  • Six in ten happily use canned food when they are preparing food for others;

  • Baked beans are the most popular canned food, followed by tomatoes, vegetables and fish. 


See our taste test video here: 'Can' you tell

William Boyd

Director & Chief Executive


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