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Eggcellent paint can recycling


Forget daffodils, tulips and Easter Eggs, you know the first bank holiday of the year is imminent when youíre consumed by an uncontrollable urge to decorate. 


And thatís good news for the paint sector, including us can makers, because the early Bank Holidays have long been recognised as peak times for buying paint.  A fresh coat of paint, it seems, is all thatís needed to banish winter and herald the new season.


But spare a thought for the planet as you do so: everyone can do their bit by making sure that the container they buy their paint in is made from metal.


Metal recycles forever. In fact, 80 per cent of all metal ever produced is believed to be still in circulation.  And this includes paint cans.  Empty metal paint cans are widely accepted for recycling at Household Waste and Recycling Centres across the country.


So, hereís a shout to paint brands and retailers: 28 per cent of people are influenced by the recyclability of the paint container they buy, and 83 per cent think that retailers should make it clear if its packaging can be recycled or not.  Only metal paint cans are recycled indefinitely.  Hereís how Ö.


Watch our video, which premieres at 1pm BST today, here:



Stu Wilkinson, Sales & Marketing Director, William Say & Co


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