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New Environment Secretary, Theresa Villiers, has said .....
that said the current recycling labelling system, involving dozens of symbols, is confusing and holding back the recycling rate, a point of view that?s hard to disagree with.

The Glastonbury Festival always attracts a harsh media spotlight for its residual waste ? and yes, sadly, much of it is packaging. Yet this year, and interestingly the year in which Sir David Attenborough gave an inaugural address, I was delighted to see national news coverage presenting water in reusable cans as a sustainable alternative to other materials at the event, and a positive solution to packaging waste. And if not reused, then those cans would certainly be collected and easily separated for recycling.

ROBERT FELL challenges narrow response to pollution debate
"Best way to reduce the damaging environmental impact is to look at all possible options, including using different materials," says new MPMA CEO

Drowing in Jargon?
Some days, such are the complexities of the issues facing our sector, I feel that I could quite easily drown in jargon.

Cans - at the top of their game!
What do Cadbury, M&S and Rolls Royce all have in common with the can, along with Sainbury?s, Clarks and Yorkshire Tea?
Answer: they?ve all been around a very long time.

Of all the issues facing our sector, Brexit is without doubt the most important and the most uncertain issue
I am often asked ?what are the key issues facing the metal packaging sector??





All metal packaging can be recycled.  The UK recycling rate for cans has tripled over the past ten years and strives towards 60%.

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