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xOf all the issues facing our sector, Brexit is without doubt the most important and the most uncertain issue
I am often asked ?what are the key issues facing the metal packaging sector??

A presentation by William Boyd at Packaging Innovations on Thursday 1 March, 2018

If it can't be recycled, it won't be recycled
Claims from a well-known carton manufacturer surfaced recently making direct comparisons to cans; and on sustainability credentials in particular.

If this was intended to rile, it worked. Well on me anyway!

But if it was intended to steal a march on steel (pun intended), it failed.

Because steel for packaging, cans, has the highest recycling rate of all packaging materials, 77.5 per cent according to the latest, independently verified figures from APEAL.

'Recyclable' is no longer enough
Plastics furore ignites renewed focus on material collection and actual recycling

The backlash against plastics stirred by David Attenborough?s Blue Planet series will not have come as a shock to anyone with an interest in packaging.

Cans in the news
It was good to see cans getting such a good press recently, thanks to new research

Tins are like old friends
Cans are a part of our lives from day one and remain in our lives throughout the many different life stages...




All metal packaging can be recycled.  The UK recycling rate for cans has tripled over the past ten years and strives towards 60%.

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