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The Brief




£500 to the wining design plus the opportunity to spend a day at a manufacturing plant.

Runner up awards of £100 or £50 to be awarded at the judges discretion.






Street art is a form of artwork that is displayed in a community on its surrounding buildings, streets, and other publicly viewed surfaces.  The work has moved from the beginnings of graffiti and vandalism to new modes where artists work to bring messages, or just simple beauty, to an audience.  Street art has become more accepted by the general public, likely due to its artistic recognition and the high-profile status of Banksy and other artists and for example Bristol city council are creating a network of legal walls where artists can create their pieces legally.  To plan and visualize a final design artists may use a planning kit.

Students need to design and develop an exciting and eye-catching tin for a planning kit for street art supplies and equipment.  Students should create a fictitious brand targeting the young and arty sector.

The kit should contain the following supplies and equipment:

2 x aerosol cans – dimensions:  diameter 52mm, height 105mm  
2 x paint cans  - dimensions: diameter 57mm, volume either 100 or 125ml 
-Samples of these cans are available on request.
Marker pens
Sketch book

The graphic designs should marry across the metal components and the storage pack.  Students should remember they are designing the outer pack more than just putting some metal components in an outer pack of another material.

The shelf size of the pack should be no larger than 22cm x 35cm x 14cm.


Points to Consider

Product Research

  Are there other packs on the market

  What are they constructed from?  

  What are their features?

  How can we make this pack stand out/better consumer   experience?

  User research…

  Who is going to be purchasing/using this pack?

  How will they transport it to creation site?

  Is it functional for ease of storage?

  Opening / closing the pack?  Feature?  Ease of   opening/closing.


  Collate your reference and research


  Thinking and rationale


Decorative Qualities

Various print finishes and ink decoration (matt/gloss/sparkle etc.)

Features such as emboss and deboss


What is possible with metal?

Blow forming?  Flush sides?

Shelf Impact

Consumer appeal

Use of perforations/windows, light/sound 


Innovative creative bold branding

Life Span of Secondary Pack

After use & Collectability


The paint tins and aerosols components must use tinplate or aluminium.  The secondary storage pack must be made predominantly of tinplate.  For the purposes of the model any appropriate materials may be used to represent metal.







What are the Judges looking for?

  • Innovation

  • Creativity and functionality

  • An idea that really excites and inspires

  • Mood boards that take us on a journey

  • CAD drawings to illustrate functionality and finality

  • Models as in (3D models)  that reflect the predominant use of metal

  • Blue sky thinking


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