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Our vision is that no metal packaging should go to landfill. Using resources more efficiently, avoiding spoilage and improving the recovery of materials, in short, using resources responsibly has always been key to our success.

Metals sustainability is driven by recycling because recycling saves up to 95% of the raw materials and energy needed to make new metal.

Metals are elements, aluminium and steel are therefore permanently available materials regardless of their many applications and we have an agreed strategy to use our planets resources in the most efficient and accountable way possible.

Metal has always been valuable and has always been recycled. We have long-standing experience in sustainable materials management and continuously increasing resource efficiency. The industry track-record of decoupling market growth from resource use testifies to this.  That means striving towards keeping all metal packaging in the material to material loop as metal can be recycled an infinite number of times, saving energy and resources, and does not disappear or degrade.


All metal packaging can be recycled.  The UK recycling rate for cans has tripled over the past ten years and strives towards 60%.

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