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Best in Metal 2011


CROWN Closures Europe wins MPMA ‘Best in Metal’ Award with ORBITTM

OrbitTM, a revolutionary easy-to-open jar closure, has secured the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association’s coveted ‘Best in Metal’ Award for CROWN Closures Europe.


The ‘Best in Metal’ Award is made by the MPMA to a single metal pack selected from shortlisted finalists in the Metal Pack of the Year category of the UK Packaging Awards 2011. 


OrbitTM comprises a two part design to reduce opening torques while also minimising material usage. The innovative design called for new cutting, forming and assembly processes, plus extensive production and testing trials.


The result is an exquisite new closure, simplicity itself to open and which can be run on existing capping machinery. And crucially, the glass jar finish can remain exactly the same.


"To a layman the visual difference between OrbitTM and a standard closure is almost indistinguishable, but the opening action stops you in your tracks.  Slick, smooth and effortless, OrbitTM is a worthy Best in Metal’ Champion and will be welcomed by anyone who has ever struggled to loosen a jar lid,” said Nick Mullen, Director, MPMA.


OrbitTM  has been launched with Duerrs.







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