2013 UK Packaging Awards

Metal Pack of the Year – Sponsored by MPMA


Nemo Can

Adragh Group

Nemo Can – The Next Generation Food Can

An innovative, lightweight can produced by Ardagh for Bonduelle. Heralded as the nex generation food can the Nemo can is the result of tenyears’ research and development and combines two-piece can production technologies with nitrogen flushing to enable a 15% reduction in material usage and a 40% thinner can wall

Highly Commended

Coors Light

Ball Packaging Europe : Coors Light, Two Stage Cold Activiated Can

Molson Coors Brewing Company and Ball Packaging devised a new take on the use of thermochromic inks to create a clever and subtle link between Coors Light and its TV ad campaign featuring Claude can Damme. When chilled at 9° the can tells the consumer “I am cold” but at 5° “its damme cold”.


Ball Packaging Europe : Dynamark – variable printing technology

New printing technology used to great effect by Ball Packaging Europe for Coca-Cola, Dynamark allows the personalisation of individual cans, printing 24 different packs in each production run at normal production speeds. The technique offers great scope for on-pack messaging and opens up unlimited creative opportunities for marketers looking for new ways to engage with consumers.


Gordons Gin

United Closures & Plastics : Gordons Crisp Cucumber Gin closure

Ardagh Group : 10 litre Little Green Lever Lid Paint Can

Reckitt Benckiser / Ardagh Group : Cillit Bang Active Foam Aerosol Can

CSR Initiative of the Year


Paint Can

Ardagh Group & MPMA for Paint Can Recycling Project

The initiative engaged with 400 local authorities and WRAP to ascertain the extent of facilities for the collection of empty metal paint cans for recycling and resulted in the allocation of a “Widely Recycled at Local Council Recycling Centres” label by the On-pack (OPRL) scheme. The activity was underpinned by the distribution of consumer information through recycling centres and selected B&Q stores highlighting local recycling points and pain disposal methods. A supporting YouTube video was also produced.

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