Best in Metal 2016


CROWN Bevcan has scooped the MPMA’s ‘Best in Metal’ 2016 award for its distinctive range of full aperture cans for Aegir Bryggeri craft beer.

The award-winning cans feature Crown’s 360 End, the world first full aperture for two-piece beverage cans. The full aperture releases the full beer aroma, a particularly important feature of enjoying craft beers, and enables the can to be used as a fully open-ended drinking vessel.

Featuring a series of striking designs, created by Aegir in partnership with Crown’s European Design Studio, the cans capture Aegir’s Viking heritage by making effective use of bare tinplate to create highly impactful heraldic imagery.

Aegir Bryggeri moved from bottles to cans in recognition of metal’s superb functionality, its suitability for craft beers, the design potential offered by metal, and the material’s superb sustainability credentials including its recyclability and ‘permanently available material’ status.

William Boyd, MPMA director and chief executive, commented:

“CROWN Bevcan is a worthy winner of the MPMA’s prestigious ‘Best in Metal’ award. There is a strong resurgence of craft beers in which cans are playing an important role as breweries recognise the many attributes of metal.  We are delighted that our 2016 ‘Best in Metal’ winner reflects that interest and congratulate both CROWN Bevcan and Aegir on their awards successes in this and other awards this year.”

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