Can Count!

Age Group: Years 4 – 6
Curriculum Links:
Maths: Handling Data; Processing, representing and interpreting data.
Literacy: report writing; explanatory texts
What do I need?
Marketing brochures from supermarkets, advertisements and promotional material
Examples of clean, empty cans that represent different products
Materials for preparing a report.

Unit Summary

Children carry out an audit at home to find out what they have that uses a tin or a can. Class results are collated and analysed, using the data for bar chart, graph and spreadsheet work. A supermarket survey could also be completed. Reports on findings written for Literacy in KS 2.

Teacher Information

What is in a tin? In this activity, children carry out an audit of canned products in their home, local shop or supermarket. The data collected can be used to find out more about the lifestyle of Mrs Brown and her family. There are four elements to the unit, which are set out below:

  • Collecting data: Children record the different canned products in their home, local shop or supermarket. This can be a homework task, family learning activity or class brainstorm.
  • Processing data: The collected data is sorted and categorised according to product. Children can work as individuals or small groups at this stage. Children decide on their own categories of product for processing the data.
  • Representing data: Once collected and sorted the data is then represented using graphs or diagrams, including pictograms and bar charts, using IT where appropriate.
  • Interpreting data: Finally conclusions are drawn from the data and a report prepared.

Unit Materials.

Lesson_ Can Count.doc


Extensions and Variations

This task can be used as a homework or family learning activity.
The task could be extended to record information on the weights of canned goods.

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