Fabulous Folds

Age Group: Years 4 – 6
Curriculum Links:
Science: A.T 1 – Planning and carrying out investigations.
What do I need?
Range of paper types, glue, scissors

Unit Summary

Children will investigate how two pieces of paper can be joined by only folds (to mimic methods used to join ends to can). They will carry out an investigation into the strength of different kinds of folds.

Teacher Information

This unit is based on the techniques used in can making to join the main body of the can to the base or the lid. These parts are joined by interlocking folds which are then pressed hard together. This unit gives Key Stage 2 children the chance to investigate the strength of a range of folds in a scientific way and to collect data.

Unit Materials


and Variations

There are many ways that this investigation can be varied. Less able children can work through one of the investigations with an adult. More able children can be given more responsibility to plan and carry out the investigation on their own.

Much work can be done with the data collected. Means will need to be calculated and then results can be displayed in a tabular or a graphical way. Some children may be able to use ICT to write-up their investigation and present results.

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