2012 UK Packaging Awards

Metal Pack of the Year – sponsored by MPMA


Bruichladdich Octomore Comus

Crown Speciality Packaging UK : Bruichladdich Octomore Comus

The Octomore Comus pack caught the judges’ eye for its “great synergy between bottle, tin and graphics”. Developed as a premium collectable pack, it provides a tactile feel with the tin embossed and coated in multiple layers of gloss varnish.

One judge said that the product was “superbly executed” and another said it had “dramatic” shelf presence and was “an innovation that extends to the brand”.

The judges agreed that the tin was the perfect solution to protect the premium distinctive acid etched bottle.

Highly Commended

Ringo 750ml paint can

Ardagh Group : Ringo 750ml paint can

This pack was developed as a lightweight alternative to the standard 750ml can. It delivers a 20% reduction in material.

Cadbury Union Jack

Crown Speciality Packaging : Cadbury Union Jack Biscuit Assortment Tin

Crown’s work for Cadbury caught the eye thanks to an impressive synergy between the lid and the base of the assortment tin.


JPG Coke Bottle

Ardagh Group : Limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier Coca-cola contour bottle

 Embossed Carolina Herrera aerosol can

Ardagh Group : Embossed Carolina Herrera aerosol can

Gordon Finest Titanium

Ball Packaging Europe : Gordon Finest titanium – 50cl embossed can with a matte finish

Biscuit Tin

Crown Speciality Packaging : Cadbury Carousel Biscuit Selection Tin

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