Facts & Figures

Total market
Estimated around 14.7 billion units produced in the UK each year (Source MPMA)
Around 98 billion units produced in the EU each year (Source MPE) 

Canned Food
Estimated retail sales value of UK sales of canned food £2.3 billion (Source: The Grocer / Kantar 52 w/e 30 Dec 2018) 

Estimated volume of UK canned food 4.5 billion units (Source: The Grocer / Kantar 52 w/e 25 March 2018 / MPMA) 

99.4% of UK households buy from the canned food category each year (Source: Kantar) 

Beverage Cans
Estimated 9.7 billion beverage cans shipped each year from UK can manufacturing plants (Source The Can Makers) 

Estimated just over 1.5 billion aerosols filled in the UK each year (Source BAMA) 

Recycling rates

United Kingdom

Steel 77% (Source Defra)
Aluminium : 82% of beverage cans, 68% of all aluminium packaging (Source Alupro) 


Steel for Packaging 80.5%  (Source Steel for Packaging Europe)
Aluminium beverage cans  76%  (Source MPE)    

It is estimated that around 75% of all metal ever produced is still in circulation today. 

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