UK Packaging Awards

The MPMA sponsors the Metal Pack of the Year in the UK Packaging Awards.

The UK Packaging Awards is the flagship event in the packaging industry, celebrating the very best projects, businesses and individuals.

Metal Pack of the Year Winner 2021 – Promotional, Decorative & General Line
Envases Liverpool – Lick Paint

Lick Home, a designer paint company, based in London, approached Envases to supply a 2.5 litre rectangular container for its high-end specialist paints. The company wanted an extra-large opening, over and above the biggest screw cap currently available in the UK at that time, and wanted to source locally rather than import from outside the UK.

The biggest container opening Envases had on 2.5 litre can at the time was 59mm, however they had a drum specification for a 78mm opening and cap. Envases cleverly combined the two specifications – the can body with drum closure opening – to create a container that delivered on functionality for the pouring and application direct from the can of the heavy viscosity paints that Lick Home produces.

Along with specialised graphics, including a sensor locator for accurate application of the colour labels, the project was delivered in a little over six months which was critical as Lick Home was growing very quickly throughout this time.

Judges: “An innovative solution combining existing technologies making a brand new shape and pouring aperture for paint.”

“A fantastic container made in metal with metal components in an unusual & new shape & design. Strong branding. Clever use of combining technologies.”

Highly Commended 
P Wilkinson Containers & William Say

Judges: “Clever use of existing technology to make a step change on dimensions. Nice embossing on the lids, great shelf appeal across the range.”

Metal Pack of the Year 2021 Winner – High Volume Food & Beverage
Tecnocap Group – Re : Water

Berrington Spring has been bottling spring water in PET and Glass for the past 20 years. Having seen the market become more environmentally aware and other companies beginning to package water in other formats, Berrington decided to develop its own unique solution.

The company set itself three development goals: The product needed to be genuinely eco-friendly, appeal to consumers, and be commercially viable. After three years of product development, Berrington launched Re : Water – the world’s first bottled water in a 100% recycled aluminium bottle.

The UK’s most popular drinks container for water is the 28mm neck bottle. Berrington wanted to retain this shape, but instead of the material being plastic or glass, it was to be made from aluminium. Berrington partnered with Tecnocap Group to modify its cosmetics bottle to be suitable for bottled water. The tooling used to form the bottles opening was modified to create a rolled lip safe curl. The bottle is made from 100% recycled aluminium which, given that reprocessing recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than processing virgin aluminium, significantly reduces  the energy needed to create it

Judges: “A fabulous design, lightweight sustainable solution moving away from other less sustainable packaging formats. Great shelf appeal and great consumer appeal.”


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