Canned Food UK supports Zero Waste Scotland to tackle Scotland’s food waste

Canned Food UK (CFUK), a campaign that champions the benefits of canned food, has leant its support to a new initiative urging people to take a fresh look at tins in a bid to tackle the twin crises of cost of living and climate change.  

Zero Waste Scotland’s CAN-paign aims to forefront tinned food as a means of helping consumers reduce the amount of food we waste. It has seen a whole range of engaging content created to inspire householders: from recipes and social media assets to a pop-up food truck serving delicious meals made from canned ingredients. 

The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA), which runs Canned Food UK, is committed to supporting Zero Waste Scotland’s CAN-paign. This support takes the form of sharing CFUK’s vast bank of resources – e.g., tinned food-based recipes and booklets, and event literature – and promoting ZWS’s content through CFUK social media campaigns.  

Zero Waste Scotland 1 SA :
Zero Waste Scotland – ‘CANpaign’ Launch
Julie Linn of Julie’s Can-teen and Jamie Fleming Communications Partner at Zero Waste Scotland.
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Robert Fell, Director and Chief Executive of the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association, said, “We are delighted that our Canned Food UK platform is able to support Zero Waste Scotland. Together, we will maximise the reach and impact of the CAN-paign to promote the advantages of using canned food among Scottish households. Cans have a lot to offer, particularly in difficult times, as they help ensure the population still gets a balanced diet despite spiraling inflation. 

“There are multiple benefits of using canned food as a staple in the weekly food shop. Cost effectiveness, nutritional value and an excellent shelf life in addition to powerful sustainability and food waste reduction credentials combine to make for a compelling argument. Our goal in lending our support to the CAN-paign is to help spread that message and put affordable, tasty, healthy food options on the nation’s table,” he continued.   

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “Our CAN-paign sets out to dispel some of the misconceptions around canned and highlight tinned food as a winner when it comes to budget-friendly ways to cut household food waste. What’s more, because cans are infinitely recyclable, they can help us avoid sending unnecessary packaging to landfill too.  

“CFUK and MPMA support will help to grow the impact of the CAN-paign, enabling everyone in Scotland to make the most of the food we love and create ‘tin-spired’ recipes with quality ingredients that are there when we need them.” 

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