Climate Change People

  • Mark Andrew, Ardagh Group
  • Elaine Barrett, Crown Packaging
  • Carol Betts, Can Pack
  • Sam Britton, Metal Drum Company
  • Claire Chaffer, Jacobs (Consultants)
  • Lee Clarkson, Envases
  • Joanne Devine, ECM (Consultant for Greif)
  • Cathy Nash, Envases Liverpool
  • Siobhan Gibbons, Jacobs (Consultants to MPMA)
  • Andy Seed, Eviosys Packaging
  • Stephen Hounsell, Greif
  • Ian Jackson, Develop Your… (Consultant for  Trivium)
  • James Hill, Cyril Luff Metal Decorators
  • George Norville, UCP
  • Mark Jones, Tinmasters
  • Ian Davis, Trivium Packaging

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