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Packaging is a part of our everyday lives but not always fully understood. We hope to enlighten teachers, students and parents to the attributes of metal as a packaging medium with this range of educational projects. They are designed to cover several National Curriculum subject areas, and there are a range of lesson plans for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. See the lesson plans outlined on the right of this page.

These units have been written by educational and industry experts and each unit indicates the target age group and curriculum links and includes lessons, teacher information and worksheets where applicable. All pages can be easily downloaded or printed.

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Lesson Plans Overview

Stevie Steel vs Alice Aluminium

Steel and aluminium will be compared as two characters are devised that are made of these materials. Children learn about the characters and their material characteristics by completing fun activities based around these characters.

Will it fit?

This unit will contain a range of numeracy challenges based around the concept of fitting different can / box shapes onto flat sheets. Set in context of pupils being designers with a challenge to be the most economical.

Fabulous Folds!

Children will investigate how two pieces of paper can be joined by only folds (to mimic methods used to join ends to can). They will carry out an investigation into the strength of different kinds of folds.


Children will learn about the processes involved in making a can that might hold the common items they have in the food cupboard at home. They will sequence pictures and create instructional texts to tie in with requirements of the Literacy Strategy.

Game in a Tin

The children are designers for MPA. They are to come up with a new, exciting use of a can / tin, that contains a game, but the container must become an integral part of the game – They must design the game, create adverts and persuasive texts about it and older children create a PowerPoint presentation for their product.


In this unit, children will investigate different ways of making A4 paper cylinders. They will have to design a cylindrical container out of and A4 piece of paper to hold dried peas. They will investigate how the volume held is affected by the base diameter and the height of the cylinder.

Can Count

Children carry out an audit at home to find out what they have that uses a tin or a can. Class results are collated and analysed, using the data for bar chart, graph and spreadsheet work. A supermarket survey could also be completed. Reports on findings written for Literacy in KS 2.


Children design a tin to package something for a celebration!
This lesson is based on a design and technology task linked to a special event. There are many examples of special metal packaging linked to seasonal gifts, anniversaries and celebrations. Usually these speciality packages contain biscuits, sweets or other speciality food items.

Metal Packaging Museum

The lesson introduces the theme of museums and collections and is based on the History Programme of Study and in particular historical enquiry and interpretation. There are opportunities for chronological sequencing, explanatory texts and captions for an audience.

Race 2 Recycle

This unit considers why it is important to recycle and how cans can be crushed to reduce transport costs

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