MPMA ‘Eats Like A King’ with new Theo Michaels campaign

Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association has renewed its collaboration with TV chef, Theo Michaels, for new Canned Food UK campaign.  

The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association (MPMA) has renewed its association with Theo Michaels, author and TV chef from Steph’s Packed Lunch as part of a new campaign entitled ‘Eat Like a King’ for Canned Food UK. 

Throughout 2023, Theo will create a set of exclusive recipes for Canned Food UK, which is run by MPMA, that will take inspiration from King Charles III’s coronation. Theo explains: “Each recipe will include one of our favourite canned ingredients but with an extra touch of affordable luxury or a royal twist on a classic dish.”  

Theo is passionate about canned foods and published his own dedicated recipe book, ‘Canned’, in 2021.  

“I’m excited for our 2023 campaign. Canned foods are packed with nutrients and are a delicious way to eat a balanced diet. What I love about tinned foods is that a lot of the hard work is done for you – ingredients are often peeled, chopped and prepped so that all you need to do is open the tin,” continues Theo. 

The new campaign follows last year’s successful collaboration where Theo created four recipes for Canned Food UK which celebrated different global cuisines: France – seafood cassoulet; Greece – spanakopita parcels; Mexico – crispy sardine croquette tacos; and the Caribbean – crab and mango ceviche.  

The recipes have been shared on Theo’s and Canned Food UK’s social media channels and have reached over 65,000 people.  

Robert Fell, director and chief executive at MPMA, comments: “We’re extremely pleased to build on the successful collaboration between Theo and Canned Food UK.  

“With the cost-of-living crisis, we’re all mindful of our grocery bills so this campaign is all about showing how we can still eat well or ‘eat like a king’ – without breaking the bank.” 

Theo is also founder of Five, an online meal planning service which has just relaunched as a free service to help families during the cost-of-living crisis. The renewed collaboration with Canned Food UK will also see Five Dinners launch a dedicated ‘canned’ category which means users will be able to select recipes that utilise tinned ingredients.  

Find Theo’s exclusive recipes on the Canned Food UK website – 

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