New look paint can wins ‘Best in Metal’ 2021

Envases Liverpool has won the MPMA’s coveted Best in Metal Award 2021 for a specially designed container for Lick Home paint cans.

This is the first Best in Metal win for Envases Liverpool and follows hot on the heels of the pack’s Metal Pack of the Year, Promotional, Decorative and General Line, win at the UK Packaging Awards earlier this month.

Lick Home, a designer paint company based in London, asked Envases to supply a 2.5 litre rectangular container for its high end, specialist paints. An extra large aperture and screw cap exceeding those currently available was required, and Lick Home also wished to source production locally rather than outside the UK.  

Envases Liverpool stepped up with an existing drum specification for a 78mm opening and cap which the company  then cleverly combined with a can body to ceate a container that delivered on size and functionality for pouring and application direct from the can.

Along with distinctive shape and specialised graphics, including a sense locator for accurate application of colour labels, the project was also delivered to a short timetable to meet the rapid growth being enjoyed by Lick Home.

“This is an exciting and inovative new direction for paint cans,’’ said Robert Fell, director and chief executive, MPMA.

‘’The pouring aperture with its extra wide neck enables the paint to be easily transferred to an application vessel, such as a roller tray, while the screw cap provides an easy to use clousure to help maintain any unused paint. The rectanguar shape enables efficient stacking and tranporation, helping to manage costs and energy usage.  Plus the fresh and appealing graphics help the brand stand out in a crowded markeplace – a very worthy winner.’’

The Best in Metal trophy was presented by MPMA chairman, Aidan Ruddock, to Geoff Courtney (Head of Sales UK & Eire) at the MPMA’s annual Council meeting on 24 November.

The Best in Metal winner is selected by MPMA from shortlisted finalists in the MPMA sponsored metal’s category of the UK Packaging Awards.

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