Race 2 Recycle

Age Group: Years 4 – 6
Curriculum Links:
Science; Materials.
Design Technology;
Literacy: Sequencing, explanatory texts; Written instructions, communicating with a wider audience
What do I need?
Some empty drinks cans.
Twelve separate cards on which each of the sentences listed in the table below is printed

Unit Summary

This unit considers why it is important to recycle and how cans can be crushed to reduce transport costs

Teacher Information

Race 2 Recycle consists of two lessons:

  • Lesson 1 is a simple sequential whole class game to help children understand the processes involved in the production, use and disposal of drinks cans. At this level the basic processes for both aluminium and steel cans are similar. During the lesson opportunities will arise for discussing both the environmental benefits of recycling steel and aluminium and the costs of wasting the materials. The lesson can be used to help promote a class or whole school recycling scheme.
  • Lesson 2 is a design and technology challenge based on designing an aluminium can crusher, linked to the need to reduce volume when transporting recycled materials to ensure costs and environmental factors do not outweigh the benefits of recycling. See Aluminium Recycling Facts for background information

Unit Materials


Extensions and Variations

In a subsequent lesson divide into groups and produce the information, posters and notices to promote the campaign.

Construct a can crusher from chosen designs using everyday materials available from your local hardware store or school technology store. Parental help would be beneficial with primary age pupils.

The sequencing activity can be carried out on an interactive whiteboard.

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